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Stiletto Pin-Up™ Presents Cosmetic Artistry Courses

The Founders of Stiletto Pin-Up™ have designed over 120 hours of Cosmetic Artistry Courses. These courses are for Beginning and Intermediate Students interested in the Cosmetic Arts to further their knowledge in the field and industry. Also for those who want to expand their knowledge and have fun during the process.

  • These Courses are for those:
  • • A basic interest and curiosity in the Cosmetic Arts
  • • Boudoir Photographers/Fashion Photographers
  • • Bridal Stylists/ Make-up and Hair Design
  • • Cosmetologists
  • • Estheticians
  • • Fine Artists
  • • On-line Make-up and fashion Bloggers
  • • Cosmetic Sales people/ Representatives
  • • Face Painters
  • • Basic Special FX Artists for Halloween/or Events
Phase 1 intro


Building Fundamentals- Art of Make-up –Color Theory- Color Concepts-Hands on skills- Geometrics-Skin care- Corrective techniques- Basic Bridal make-up- Career Advancement- Portfolio Building-Business of the Industry

Summary of the PHASE ONE Course:

This Cosmetic Essentials course objective is for anyone who has an interest in Cosmetic arts and sciences, expanding their basic knowledge of the Fundamentals of the Make-up industry, or for anyone who is interested in a career change in the Cosmetics industry. It covers Industry Orientation, History of Cosmetics, Basic artistic concepts, Color Theory, Facial geometrics, Men’s grooming basics, basic Bridal make-up, Sales and networking principles. Along with all those principles, this course is very comprehensive with many other subjects of importance for your Career in Cosmetics.

This course is designed to build self-confidence, understand the basis of Color Theory and the relationship of color to cosmetic application. This course is absolutely necessary to acquire skills and practice along with hand-eye coordination with the Art of Make-up Artistry. In addition, you will also learn valuable information on how to successfully interact with clientele for the most positive experience for all.

  • Introduction/ Student Assessment
  • • Course summary
  • • Intro to Makeup
  • • Book selection/ Tools of the Trade
  • • Professional Ethics/Image
  • • Sanitation
  • • Skin care
  • • Industry Terminology
  • • Make-up Kit building
  • • Artistic Principles of Color/ Facial Geometrics/Building Foundations/ Custom Blending/ Art of Eyebrows/ Color Theory/Client charting/Lash applications/Bridal business building/ Networking and Marketing/ Many other subjects covered
  • • Hands on practice/ Theory/ Photos of work/ Portfolio building/Model work/ Homework/ Final Exam/ Written tests

PHASE ONE COURSE:Stiletto Pinup Class An 8 Week Course: One day (5 hours) a week for 8 weeks= 40 hours Friday/Saturday or Sunday hours- Certain Evenings depending on schedule and demand All classes are held at our Newport Beach, California office Only 4 students per course to guarantee personal attention/ Must have at least 2 students to ensure class requirements.

COURSE TUITION: $200.00 Non-refundable deposit- goes towards class tuition. Only $162.00 per week- paid weekly or $1375.00 paid in full/ includes deposit BASIC KIT COST: Approximately $295.00 student cost (Value of Kit $550.00) Additional items can be purchased and added to your kit at a Student Discount price if desired

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Phase Two - PROFESSIONAL IMAGES/ EXPERT ARTISTRY (40 hours) - Intermediate to Beginning Advanced

Advanced Concepts and Skills- Bridal Business- Black and White Photography- Color Photography - Lighting - Corrective - Print - Pageants - Runway - Basic Face/Body Art - Business of the Industry

Summary of the Course: This Professional Images course objective is for those Professionals who already have grasped the basic knowledge and the basic skills of Make-up Artistry. This course is for those who have gone through either Phase 1 Cosmetic Essential or another Institute Make-up program of equal or greater parameter of study. It is designed for those working in the industry field as a Cosmetic Make-up Artist.

Phase 2 is an Intermediate to Beginning Advanced course of study. The course is a compacted in-depth study of the various make-up looks created for Bridal. Black and White Photography, Color Photography, T.V./ HDTV, Video and Runway Fashion. You will learn the concepts of Sculptural and Light therapy basic concepts of Photography, and the how to hands=on application techniques of Makeup for Weddings, Fashion shows, indoor and outdoor photo shoots, pageantry, and Men’s grooming for print work.

Lighting effects, corrective techniques, camouflage tricks, along with Mature and Ethnic client make-overs will be addressed. Basic Airbrush concepts along with Body Make-up, basic face and body painting, temporary tattoos, and tattoo camouflage will be discussed as well.

On the business side of Phase 2 we will delve into all the various layers of what it takes to survive within this type of industry. Beginning from self-confidence, networking, marketing , working with designers and stylists, client relations, being an apprentice, agencies, negotiating and collecting fees. Lastly, we will touch on how to work with photographers and graphic artists in the best way, in order to customize your portfolio photographs. Grasping these concepts will enable you to present your work and skills as a professional Make-up Artist for the maximum visual impact that will show in your portfolio.

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