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Stiletto Pin-up Cosmetics

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Stiletto PinUp Cosmetics is a Retro inspired cosmetic line with a modern edge. The cosmetic line is an extensive collection of products made of highest quality of ingredients, pigments and minerals. All the products are produced and manufactured in the USA and have fabulous stay on wear ability. The packaging designs are based on the original Pin Up art from the 1940's and 1950's, we obtained the copyright permission from the original artist's archives to incorporate into our company designs.

There are over 180 items, colors and shades of cosmetics in our company line of products to choose from. We strive to bring the latest color trends and technology within the industry.

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INTRODUCING - Ibiza Cellulite Lotion

Ibiza by Via Lido is a topical lotion formula to be used for cellulite skin conditions commonly known as “orange peel”, or the unsightly bumpy look to the skin.  Ibiza is to be applied, once or twice a day preferably with gentle massage, on the target areas associated with this condition.

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  • » Unique Custom packaging
  • » Retro Style Designs
  • » High Quality Ingredients
  • » Made in USA
  • » Newest Color Trends

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